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Scientific subjects

Growth factor and stem cell biology; Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials; Ematology and Transfusion Medicine; Dentistry; Maxillofacial Surgery; Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and  Aesthetic Medicine; Orthopedics and Rheumatology; Veterinary Medicine



International Non Transfusional Hemocomponents Academy

The International Non Transfusional Hemocomponents Academy (intHEMA) arose from the need to increase the knowledge about the platelet hemoconcentrates for non-transfusional use in a variety of medical specialties (i.e. Dentistry); however, the Academy aims also to expand and share the know-how about stem cells and their interaction / synergy with hemoconcentrates. Biomaterials represent another important issue for intHEMA, in a hypothetical "closing of the circle", which results in "tissue engineering" as a whole.

About us

Consiglio Direttivo

- Presidente: Pietro Formisano
- Vice Presidente: Pierpaolo Claudio
- Presidente Eletto: Roberto Pistilli
- Segretaria: Roberta Gasparro
- Tesoriere: Vittoria D'Esposito
- Consiglieri:
Cleopatra Nacopoulos (Odontoiatra), Gabriella Fabbrocini (Dermatologia), Fabiana Quaglia (Farmacia)
,Marina di Domenico (Patologia Generale),
Fabio Di Giovanni (Ortopedia), Amerigo Giudice (Maxillo Facciale), Gaspare Leonardi (Ematologia),Tullio Monetta (Ingegneria)