• After Graduation in Genova University, Italy attended until 1995 attended the "Istituto Stomatologico Italiano” in Milan attending departments of orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, periodontology. He is currently working in Genoa with his brothers Francesco and Orazio at the "Rebaudi Clinic" founded by Luigi Rebaudi (their father) in 1958. He currently focus his professional practice in oral surgery, implantology and bone regeneration and works as a consultant at dental offices and also consultant for companies in the field of implantology and bone regeneration in both national and international. He also teaches in postgraduate courses at the universities of Genova, Naples and Bologna.
    Since 15 years he is actively teaching through courses of advanced surgical techniques and implant dentistry, in “Miachi Training Centre”, a specially equipped place for hands-on education in Genova. He is active in dental research since 20 years and author of 100 national and 30 international scientific publications.
    Alberto Rebaudi is also owner of national and international patents in the field of implantology and biomaterials. Co-Founder and Vice President of BioCRA, Co-Founder of ICOI-Italy. Delegate for Italy of SENAME (Mediterranean Association of Implantology).
    Co-Founder of the IPA: (International Piezosurgery Academy) and Chairman of the Committee of Teachers Training . Co-Founder of the CAI Academy (Computer Aided Implantology Academy), Honorary Member of the Model Guide Academy, Active member of intHEMA (International Non-Transfusional Hemocomponents Academy.